What is CORE

How to Participate

Submitting a Voucher

What is CORE?

The California Air Resources Board (CARB), in partnership with CALSTART, launched the Clean Off Road Equipment (CORE) to accelerate the purchase of zero-emission freight handling equipment in California.

CORE, analogous to the Hybrid and Zero-Emission Truck and Bus Voucher Incentive Project (HVIP), is a new project intended to encourage California companies to purchase or lease currently commercialized zero-emission off-road freight equipment by providing a streamlined voucher process to offset the higher cost of such technologies.

CORE voucher amounts are based on the incremental cost difference between traditional equipment and new zero-emission alternatives. Additional funding is available for charging infrastructure and equipment deployed in pollution overburdened communities (DACs).

How to Participate:
Choose your role in the purchase process


Criteria for Eligibility:

Any vendor that has an affiliation with a CORE-eligible manufacturer can become a CORE-certified dealer. Manufacturers can also fill the role of dealer for their own equipment.

Steps for Participating in CORE:

Dealers interested in participating in CORE must complete the following tasks:

  1. Review the following training material: 1.) Implementation Manual; 2.) Voucher Funding Tables; 3.) Voucher Request Instructions; 4.) Voucher Redemption Checklist
  2. Email info@californiacore.org regarding your interest in becoming an CORE Approved Dealer.
  3. Take the CORE Dealer Training Quiz. You must pass the quiz with a score of 100%.
  4. Print and sign the Dealer Registration Form as well as the Department of Treasury IRS W-9 Form. Please email a scanned copy of the forms to info@californiacore.org before mailing the original copy to:

48 S. Chester Ave.
Pasadena, CA 91106

Equipment User

Criteria for Eligibility:

Any off-road equipment user in California is eligible. If you would like to participate, the equipment you purchase must be domiciled and operate for at least 3 years in California after the voucher redemption date. Equipment users must also submit activity reports for 3 years.

The size of the fleet does not affect voucher amounts, and equipment users have no limitation on the number of vouchers they can apply for.

Steps for Participating in CORE:

  1. Select equipment that suit your needs from the below catalog
  2. Contact the affiliated vendor(s) ­– they are trained to apply for and process the CORE voucher
  3. Provide the vendor with equipment domicile location and other information
  4. Purchase your CORE-discounted equipment!

Be sure to review the CORE Implementation Manual


Criteria for Eligibility:

Any manufacturer of equipment that meets California CORE technology eligibility requirements can become a CORE-eligible manufacturer.

Steps for Participating in CORE:

  1. Read and understand the CORE Implementation Manual
  2. Compile documents outlined in Attachment A
  3. Send complete application package to CORE@arb.ca.gov
  4. Advise dealers to enroll

Submit A Voucher Request

To submit a voucher request, vehicle purchasers must follow the steps below:

  • Select an eligible equipment technology that fits your business needs from the list above.
  • Contact an CORE-Approved Vendor to submit a voucher request for an eligible vehicle technology.
  • Sign the Purchaser Terms & Conditions form.
  • The vendor or dealer will submit the voucher request to the Voucher Processing Center (VPC).
  • The vehicle purchaser will receive the CORE incentive at the point of sale.